Victoria’s Secret bot searches for the perfect bra for you
Sheena Lin | Aug 14, 2017

Searching for the perfect bra, but can’t find anyone to go shopping with? Don’t sweat it, the VSPINK Kik bot is always available to help. The friendly fashion bot is passionate about the popular undergarment brand and does all the research so you don’t have to. After teens input a few details about what they’re looking for, the fashion bot replies with fun styles. Every shopping trip is completely customizable. Teenagers who can never make up their minds benefit from the chatbot’s patient and endless style advice.

Familiar with the iconic phrase “There’s an app for that”? Victoria’s Secret fans know the feeling, because this chatbot does everything. Not quite sure what your bra size is? The friendly shopping concierge will tell you after answering a few questions. After chatting, shoppers are sure to find the perfect PINK Active bra. Now bra shopping doesn’t have to be so uncomfortable and the whole shopping trip can be done in your pajamas. Not only does the bot pair shoppers with customized lingerie styles, it also matches users with other style bots and bloggers.

VSPink Kik Bot

Exhausted from trying to figure out which bra to wear with your new blouse? Just consult the VSPINK chatbot for glam suggestions to fit any occasion. As you clue the style consultant in on your plans, your perfect Wear Everywhere bra is revealed. Hesitant about a purchase? Simply forward bra selections to your friends for the final say. Ted Livingston, founder and CEO of KiK is excited about the app’s ingenuity: “Shopping is a social experience, and our new fashion and beauty category will allow our users to experience all the elements of the shopping journey—discovery, research, and sharing—with their friends.”

With 40 percent of teens and young adults active on KiK, Victoria’s Secret launched the VSPINK bot in the perfect generation. Teens use smart phones as their primary source of communication and are rarely seen without them. The interactive style bot offers fashion at your fingertips. Women can now be fitted for bras and find the perfect design without stepping foot into a dressing room. The VSPINK Kik bot is the genie in a bottle we’ve all been waiting for. Now you can replace dreaded shopping trips with fun conversations with your chatty style consultant.

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