Tommy Hilfiger’s revolutionary bot is taking the fashion world by storm.
Sheena Lin | Aug 14, 2017

Reminiscent of the 1990’s hit perfume but with a futuristic twist, Tommy Hilfiger’s revolutionary new Facebook Messenger bot is taking the fashion world by storm. TMY.GRL can be accessed through the brand’s growing Facebook page or the messenger app that we all have on our phones. If this year’s fashion line has you intrigued, just reach out to the Tommy Hilfiger Facebook bot for an instant shopping companion.The bot offers fans the option of chatting about their favorite styles while at home or on the go.

The interactive TMY.GRL bot was developed to complement the work of Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid. Mr. Hilfiger himself had some inspiring words to say about the new initiative his brand is exploring: “Digital innovation has been at the center of our strategy to democratize the runway and the TMY.GRL bot on Messenger introduces a new level of accessibility, engagement and personalization for our global audience.” This bot allows fans to ask fashion related questions, get to know Gigi and grant special access to behind the scenes fashion content. The brand’s focus on deeper interaction with consumers will result in a more rewarding shopping experience for customers.

tommy hilfiger facebook bot

When asked why such a respected and aged company decided to launch a bot, Hilfiger replied that the bot stemmed from “a conversation with Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook. We talked about innovative ways to enhance the shopping experience. We’re always a bit ahead of the curve.” Most companies speak to their loyal customers with a business like tone. TMY.GRL provides a more conversational and caring approach to shoppers. After reaching out to the bot on messenger, TMY.GRL immediately replies offering #gigifunfacts. Other areas the bot loves to discuss are the new nautical looks and the dashing #TommyNow collection.

The interactive TMY.GRL bot tends to become confused when asked about sizes or styles, but has lots of fun facts to share. The fashion bot shares Gigi’s favorite snacks, luxurious tours of her studio and exclusive photos of the model. Remember sitting for hours making collages out of your favorite fashion mags? Now you can store all of your lusted after looks in one neat place. Take #TMY.GRL wherever you go or shop as you lounge in bed and binge on Netflix. With over 900 million messenger users and a great deal of Tommy Hilfiger fans, the birth of this bot could be a dream come true.

The bottom line is, TMY.GRL is fun and easy to use. The bot doesn’t require any information aside from what you’ve already allowed by the messenger app. Once the friendly bot has a sense of your style it directs you to different clothing choices, factoids and the ability to add your favorite fashion to your cart. If you’d like a personal stylist to help you pick out the best outfits, try the Tommy Hilfiger Facebook bot on for size. You’re sure to log off feeling confident that all of your shopping needs have been met by a company that truly cares.

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