Introducing the interesting H&M Kik Bot
Sheena Lin | Aug 14, 2017

Last April, H&M joined Sephora and the Weather Channel by launching a chatbot on Kik. Like other beauty and fashion brands, H&M uses the H&M Kik bot as a brand extension tailored towards customizing the user’s shopping experience. Whether consumers are looking for outfit inspiration or are debating trying out a new style, they can browse potential options by chatting with H&M on Kik as if they had a personal stylist at their fingertips.

To start, the chatbot asks a few questions about the user’s style by presenting two photos and asking users to simply pick “1” or “2.” Thankfully, the exchange feels more like an entertaining game than a hassle.

HM shopping bot

(H&M’s fashion quiz helps you hone in on the perfect pieces for you.)

The gamification is a fun way for the chatbot to learn more about the user’s specific taste in outfits, whether they gravitate towards crop tops or no skin, white pants or jeans, sweaters that zip or sweaters that flow, and so on.

Then the user is given the choice to classify their style: Casual, Boho, Preppy, Classic, or Grunge. The H&M Kik bot then allows you to keep browsing similarly styled outfits featuring legwear, tops, shoes, and accent pieces, or start a new search altogether.

H&M's Kik bot shows you outfit suggestions to match the items you're shopping for.

(H&M’s Kik bot shows you outfit suggestions to match the items you’re shopping for.)

Thankfully, the UX designers recognized the limitations of shopping via the H&M Kik bot and optimized the shopping experience by allowing users to simply chat the item they wish to purchase before navigating away from Kik. For the non-committed or those unable to make a purchase on the fly, users can simply hold the image for two seconds to save the outfit for later.

H&M Kik Bot

(Can’t make a decision right now? Save the outfit ideas for later.)

The downside? Other than browsing new ensembles or shopping for interesting pieces, the bot is pretty limited and tires fast. That said, for the fashion-forward guy or gal intrigued by imagining themselves with a new look, the bot won’t disappoint. Especially since Kik concierge bots allow third-party bots with specific fashion expertise (i.e. CelebStyle knows celebrity trends and InspoBot gives general style advice) to enter the conversation and chime in with unbiased feedback. And, for those still on the fence, the H&M Kik bot can always be brought into a group chat so that users can hear their friends’ opinion.

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