Burberry's Facebook Messenger Bot
Sheena Lin | Aug 14, 2017

Burberry, following suit with other high-end fashion designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, has debuted their Burberry Facebook Messenger chatbot during London Fashion Week. Now you can shop the brand’s September collection, capture your favorite looks, and explore the exclusive runway catalog from your phone. Once you connect with the bot, you can watch fashion shows, discover newly released styles and get help from customer service.

According to Brandwatch, Americans send and receive over 60 billion messages each day on Facebook and WhatsApp. With over 72 percent of United States adults logging into Facebook monthly, it’s easy to see why brands are reaching out to consumers through social media and app bots. Burberry’s chatbot offers consumers instant gratification and the ability to shop ’til one drops and stay engaged with the brand, all without leaving the comfort of Messenger.

Back in June, Burberry’s Senior Vice President of IT explained how the company sees chatbots fitting into their business strategy: “Areas we are looking at include: chatbots in service functions, proactive IT operations, insight from pattern recognition, automated and scenario modeling for planning & logistics, and security & fraud prevention.” Burberry’s chatbot is more interactive than other brands’ bots and asks fans to finish a maze resulting in access to an exclusive show space. Users can also view behind the scenes pencil etchings and catch a glimpse of “Orlando”, the inspiring story behind the collection. Finally, the Burberry Facebook bot acts as a style consultant: the tool allows you to view several designs and capture your favorites.

Burberry Facebook Messenger Bot

(Burberry’s bot offers behind-the-scenes photos, designer sketches, and more interactive features than other fashion brand bots.)

Since we always have our phones on us, bots are a unique and intelligent way to improve our shopping experience. You can play games, unlock exclusive fashion content and capture the styles you love with the Burberry Facebook bot. You will have instant access to the fashion show at Makers House in London, even though it’s a world away. You can click through to see stylish runway favorites, featuring Jean Campbell, Cavan McCarthy and Alex Dragulele. As you navigate through the bot’s prompts, expect to see vibrant floral patterns, warm wools and even accessories. The only reason you’ll need to leave Messenger is to shop and pay for your order.

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